There seems to be a common conception that cruising is for the older generation. The truth is cruising for everyone to enjoy. The idea of hopping on a luxury ship with all the facilities you could ask for, sailing around the world in style, visiting and seeing in the flesh some of the most iconic and spectacular locations has to appeal to all generations.

Cruises are available in all formats with some better suited to certain groups. The type of cruise you book may be defined by what you are looking for, whether you are wanting a family friendly cruise, a cruise with a younger crowd or luxury laid back cruise, there are cruises to suit all requirements.


Most cruise ships are like floating cities with a huge amount of facilities on board which will keep the whole family occupied with kids clubs, swimming pools, splash parks and variety of entertainment. Certain cruise lines are more family orientated such as Norwegian, Royal or MSC who team up with partners such as NAMCO, Chicco and Lego.

Young at Heart

If you are young at heart and seeking some action, adventure and excitement on your cruise experience then there are some great options around. Nowadays most cruise ships are packed with activities, cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean have numerous on board options such as ice skating, rock climbing and many more. Generally a younger crown can be found here so meeting and socialising on board with a similar age group is a plus for many.

Evening entertainment may be something to consider. Most cruise ships can change after dark with bars, cinemas, clubs, shows and casino’s opening and lighting up the decks.


The internet is a modern must for most people when travelling and technology on cruise ships has increased and improved dramatically. Nearly every cruise offers internet packages on board to keep you connected but they also boast some technology of their own with the latest gadgets, games, arcades and light shows available.


How do you like to relax on your holiday? Some people like to lay back on a sun lounger with a good book, most ships have a stocked library where you can pick and choose your favourite novel or thriller. Many like to be pampered on board, nearly all cruise lines offer spa treatments with a variety or beauty and massage treatments available along with the sauna.

If you like to keep fit when you are on holiday then hit the gym, relax by the pool, have a nap on a hammock with a sea view, recline on the beach on one of many excursions available. Cruise ships have so many ways to relax you may get stressed just trying to choose the best way to unwind!

On a cruise you get to experience great locations whilst travelling in style. With activities and entertainment all around you there will never be a dull moment and holiday boredom will be a thing of the past. Cruises can be affordable with some great priced packages out there waiting for you.