Packing for a cruise does not really differ from any land holiday but we have added below a few do’s, don’ts and tips for packing in preparation for your cruise holiday.

Airline rules

Although the main part of your stay may be on a cruise ship, normally this involves a flight to your cruise departure destination. Always check the luggage allowances for your flights as luggage options vary from carrier and destination. Most short haul flights include bags from 15kg and above, although with low cost carriers these may need to be added at the time of booking. Long haul flights typically include larger weight limits of 20-23kg or more in some instances. Our cruise team will always advise you of the luggage included or available to book but be sure to check your allowance before you travel. Beware that if you are flying with more than one airline that you pack accordingly for both journeys as your return luggage allowance may differ to what was included on your outbound flight.


Although the destination you may be visiting is used to hot sunny days, sometimes you can get cooler grey days, windy weather or even rainy days so it’s always advisable to pack some additional garments other than just a suitcase full of shorts and t-shirts. Be prepared for all weathers and pack a light raincoat and light jumper and/or cardigan to cover all eventualities.


Little items such as plug adapters can make a big difference when you unpack and find out you can’t use your hair straighteners or charge your phone. Most cruise lines provide European or American style plug sockets on board so be sure to pack at least one plug adapter. You will normally find a shop on board or at the port before you board to purchase these items if you have forgotten your adapter.

Pack sensibly and save space

Many of us tend to over pack taking more than we will ever need and packing can be challenging when trying to keep within a weight limit for your flight. We always recommend sticking to the essentials and remember that there are a number of items on board which are provided in your cabin or available to purchase;

  • Books – some of us like a good book to read when on holiday and most ships have a library with a decent and varied selection of books available
  • Toiletries – often toiletries are supplied in your cabin, those items that are not supplied can be purchased on board
  • Towels – most cruise lines supply enough towels for use not only in the cabin but for the pools
  • Hair dryer – most cruise lines provide hair dryers in your cabin

Carry-on baggage

One top tip we recommend to follow is the packing of some spare clothes in your carry-on bag. Whether this is for your flight or the day that you board your cruise ship. When you board the ship and check in your luggage is taken from you and delivered to your cabin, this can take anytime from 1 hour to later in the afternoon. By keeping a set of spare clothes in your carry bag means that you can board, get changed and start to enjoy your cruise experience in comfort, especially if you have arrived at the cruise port after a long flight and transfer a change of clothes and freshen up can make a world of difference.