When booking your holiday you have a million questions but quite often within the anticipation and excitement of booking it’s easy to forget some of the queries you had before the conversation started. We decided to list some of these important questions and tips for before and after making your cruise booking.

Am I limited by being a single traveller?

There’s no need to worry if you’re a single traveller, most cruise lines have numerous activities that focus on or include single travellers. With many cruises offering a host of social activities encouraging and providing opportunities to socialise such as dances and workshops. Some cruise lines also offer packages tailored for singles which include a studio’s and singles only lounges for single cruisers to mingle and meet. Always check with our team when booking what single packages and activities or organised on board your preferred cruise itinerary.



What’s included in my cruise fare?

There are a number of fare types on each cruise and each cruise line have their own set of fare options which include various items and offers. Our sales team will guide you through what is included in your fare so you know what’s already included but there are always a number of optional extra’s which you can add on and book before you depart. Items such as shore excursions which may have to be booked prior to travel and cannot be organised whilst on –board, guarantee a seat at a speciality restaurant before you find out its fully booked when you arrive on the ship or avoiding long queues by re-booking certain activities or facilities such as spa treatments. Most cruise lines have the option to log on before travel and pre-book those little extra’s that can make a big difference saving some of the stress and increasing your enjoyment and cruise experience.

Gratuities – are they included?

All cruise bookings require gratuities, it is important to include this in your budget when considering a cruise. Some cruise lines offer an option when you book to include the gratuities, some can be pre-paid before you travel and sometimes you need to pay gratuities and tip on board. Please be sure to check before you travel as this could have a serious impact on your on board budget.

Is internet available on all ships?

The internet is an intrinsic part of people’s everyday life, whether it’s for work, social or entertainment and a great way of telling everyone how much fun you are having your cruise journey. Nearly all cruises offer internet packages, however, depending on the cruise line and destination the charges and quality can vary. Although internet access is available, those who like to sit back and watch your favourite films and TV programs must be careful to check the internet packages available as only a few cruise lines offer an internet package that allows the use of streaming.

I don’t like the idea of dining with strangers?

Dining with strangers is a thing of the past. Most cruise lines offer the option of casual or seated dining, some guests like the traditional seated dining whereas others prefer the casual approach. Nowadays the choice is yours and often the casual dining option allows you to eat where you want, with who you want and when you want giving you freedom to pick and choose your preferred options. If you book on allocated seating or on a cruise that does not offer the casual dining option then you can always request to change your seating allocation arrangement.

What happens if I need medical attention?

All cruise ships have a qualified doctor and/or nurse on board> Medical attention is available if required 24/7 so no matter the medical query someone will be available to help. If you have any specific concerns regarding any medical condition or facilities on board please contact our team who can provide further information and details about your particular cruise and ship.

Can I bring my own food and drink on board?

The rules on bringing your own food and beverages vary between cruise lines. Some cruise lines are quite relaxed with you bringing food and alcohol on whereas some are extremely strict with any edible products. Please be sure to check with our team before you travel to check whether items can be brought on board with you.

Will I need to queue, is it busy on board?

Most ships have a number of wide open spaces to enjoy and places where you can step aside from the hustle and bustle of people going about their business. Even some of the largest ships that carry 5000 plus people, the ships are large enough with a number of decks to have enough space to comfortably accommodate all passengers on board. There are always some hotspots on every cruise where the main attractions and events may be reasonably busy but we recommend to plan ahead and visit these area’s early mornings or on cooler days to avoid the queues.

Can I take my walking aids, wheelchairs or scooter on board?

All cruise lines allow the use of all walking aids and wheelchairs. If you are planning on taking a wheelchair or scooter, many cruise lines will require you to fill out a fit to travel form before confirming your booking to ensure they are able to meet your needs. It is not just the cruise line you need to consider, if you are flying to your destination the airlines will need to be notified. Airlines have a number of rules for mobility scooters such as battery type and size so please do contact a member of our team to check the restrictions on your airline carrier. If you are taking any walking aid or wheelchair you must notify the airline prior to travel and it is vitally important that you advise our team should you have any mobility issues so we can ensure all parts of your cruise package booking is suitable and any additional assistance required can be organised.