There is so much to consider when travelling with a baby or toddler, we have compiled a list of some key area’s to consider when booking and preparing for your cruise holiday to help you along.


Most cruise holidays involve flights to and from your departure port destination. Flight baggage allowance can vary between airlines and also depend on whether your flight is short or long haul. Most airlines allow you take items free of charge such as a car seat or pushchair but not all include hold and hand luggage for infants. Typically a child under two will need to sit on your lap on the flight and may have reduced luggage allowance. A child aged 2 and above normally has luggage equivalent to an adult but please do remember to check the luggage allowance for any infant or toddler for your booked flights.

Can I go on a cruise if I am pregnant?

Most cruises do not allow passengers to travel on a cruise if they are into their 24th week of pregnancy at any point during the sailing.

Are babies allowed on a cruise?

Most cruise lines do not allow infants under the age of 6 months to cruise. If you are at sea for more than 3 days or going transatlantic children must be at least 12 months old to travel, however, each cruise line has its own set of regulations for travelling with young children so do check what restrictions are in place when planning your trip.

Can I get baby products on board my cruise?

Many cruise lines do not stock baby essentials such as nappies and wet wipes and are more orientated to souvenirs. We recommend you take a good supply of baby products with you, however, these items can often be purchased at the airport or port. When cruising with a baby we suggest that you always pack more than normally required to be on the safe side.

Is baby food available on board?

Baby food is not readily available on board cruise ships. Buffets are a great option and staff are very attentive and available to help where possible but we do recommend that you bring a mini hand held blender and Tupperware boxes. Likewise baby milk is not available on board and kettles are not necessarily available in your cabin so we advise bringing pre-made formula cartons and top up your stock while in port.

Can I go on shore excursions with babies or toddlers?

There are family friendly shore excursions available to book for most cruise itineraries. Some cruise lines offer free places to under 5 on certain excursions although if not charged it may not be family orientated, if coach travel is part of the excursion note that young children may need to travel on the lap. Please check all details regarding any excursions you book to ensure they are suitable for young children.

Can babies use the swimming pools on cruise ships?

Most cruise ships do not allow use of the swimming pools to babies or toddlers who are not potty trained, this also stands for some splash parks. This is due to international laws designed to limit the spread of infectious bugs on board. That being said on many of the newer cruise ships there are separate splash pools available for young children wearing a swim nappy.

Water facilities can be a key part for any family cruise so we recommend to check that your preferred cruise itinerary does include suitable water facilities to suit your needs.